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Raznar Hosting is a hosting company that provides various hosting services such as Game hosting, Web hosting, App hosting to meet your hosting needs.

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Our products

Game Hosting

Starting from IDR 15.000 ($1.0)

Game hosting service with low budget cost, great for running a private server or a community server

App Hosting

Starting from IDR 10.000 ($0.75)

Highly scalable application service hosting, build your application in Node.js, Ruby, Go, Python, or PHP language runtime.

Database Hosting

Starting from IDR 20.000 ($1.5)

Fully managed relational database service hosting, store your database to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Website Hosting

Starting from IDR 10.000 ($0.75)

Budget website hosting with blazing fast litespeed engine, great for bloggers and personal website

Proxy Shield

Starting from IDR 35.000 ($2.4)

Protect your game servers by Reverse Proxying it!.

What did they say?

Great. Fast response, easy setup, top user experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dennis Suryana


The performance is great, the loading chunck is very fast, the tps is stable, the price is affordable, the staff is fast respond and very helpful, everything is perfect!



The servers are really cool, the service is very fast. Lag? nah, there's no lag on my server, and also the price is reliable

Kazuya Derry


The staff is very friendly and open, responsive, very patient, and very good at helping clients build servers. This is the best hosting, the price is also very affordable, the main thing is the debest host so far. Thank you Raznar (^. ^)

April Yonardi


Excellent!, I asked about how to install plugins and others answered very clearly and understandable, the server doesn't lag at all! ah great. The staff is also kind and fun